Thursday, July 10, 2014

Let's Talk About The Weather

If there's anything that has been going wonky here, it's the weather (among other things).

First there was the delayed on-off winter which had Game of Thrones memes claiming "Winter is coming..and going..and coming..and going.."

Then there was the punch of humid heat which turned me into the Wicked Witch of the West (I'm melting!) and had me grabbing every excuse to have a Magnum ice cream (I'm an addict, who now saves the ice cream sticks to remember how many I've eaten so I don't go overboard).

As for now, it seems to be alternating between sunny days and rainy days. How do you dress for these days? When I wear sneakers it pours (I console myself saying my feet are getting wet in  "filtered" puddle water rather than direct exposure to crap infested water) and when I wear floaters its sunny and my feet get dry (no consolation except maybe it's not raining!).

But I'm here to talk about the other ways that the weather impacts Mr. Ninja and me.

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