Thursday, September 18, 2014

Starry Eyed Surprise

Sorry I'm late..just got back from a pizza date with two of my girlfriends..and a real good pizza can make me sleepy!

This week I'm talking about habits..some we grow up being used to and some that we acquire. Mr. Ninja and I let each other be ourselves for most part, but I hope that I have had some (even if a small) influence that has helped him change in some way and improve as a person.

That being said, he has definitely been the reason for a change in some of my more random habits - like how I would read the horoscope in the daily newspaper just for the heck of it (despite not believing in it). Here's how that unfolded:

I don't even glance at that side of the paper now..or feel even slightly tempted to. Guess I'm better off.

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