Friday, May 29, 2015

Oh, Brother

I think having siblings is an important thing and highly underrated. Even if you don't have a brother/sister, I'm sure everyone has someone who fits that role in their life. It could be anyone - a close childhood friend, a confidante.

After the birthday special for Mr. Ninja that last time, it was followed by my brother's birthday the following week so I thought I should dedicate this post to introducing him.

Who else can I talk to when I'm annoyed about something my husband did without any judgement because he knows that everything I say is out of love? Who else can I talk to about something in our shared childhood that has suddenly come back in the news? Who else can I share an incredible laugh with about something that only the two of us understand because of an insider sibling back story?

Well, the comic strip for the week will set an example for better understanding.

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