Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's Gettin' Hot in Here

Finally its the Thursday we have all been waiting for! Well, at least I have..been planning a comeback since last year and finally decided this break has been going on for far too long. So yes, I finally decided to bring out Season 2 of Being Mrs. Ninja.

I know I didn't really do much in terms of promos (except for that little Teaser I put out in December?) but I hope that the ones who used to follow the blog will come back to it and I hope to see more people joining my comic parade so I can spread more smiles around :) And to those who've been encouraging me to get back to it - a big Thank you for constantly reminding me how much I love doing this!

Let's get right to it then. First thing I want to ask: Is it just me, or has everyone else in Mumbai started to sweat like crazy over the past few days?? It. Is. So. Hot.

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