Thursday, February 14, 2019

BMN 100 & The New Season

Hello there!

I know I haven't been putting up my regular blog posts up here like I used to, but those who have been following me on social media will know that I have been posting my comic strips irrespective of that! And to make up for that, this entry is going to be like a Newsletter keeping everyone up to date!

BMN 100

It feels surreal knowing that I had created (literally) a hundred of these comics..and still have many more stories to tell! And I want to thank all of those who stuck with me throughout my different phases and my experiments with art techniques. I hope to keep surprising everyone as I aim for another 100 comics!

As you can tell I introduced a new format with Comic #100 and this was the start of the new season.

Season 4

Based on the pre-season hype I built for Season 3, one might be wondering 'When did Season 4 even happen?' and I get it, I'm sure it felt like it sneaked in along with the #100 post.

The truth is, I was working on making the comic more easily accessible to my readers across all social media (more funnies, more smiles). I had to make sure it can work across different media and that it's an easy format to stick to so that there are fewer missed weeks - that latter point being quite important as I don't do this full time and work can sometimes get crazy. That's me Being Mrs. Realistic LOL

I hope the new format doesn't scare you guys away and that y'all will stick around as I continue my journey to figure out new ways to get more smiles into your day. So let's catch up in case you missed the latest comics!

BMN 101

This year's birthday post was mostly about how in a marriage, gifts and gifting processes get a little skewed along the way.


This comic is Part 1 of a trilogy of adventures during a trip to Europe. Some things never change.

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