Thursday, May 6, 2021

Season 6!!

 It feels like I started the new season this year a little later than usual. Well, there is a lot of crazy stuff happening out in the world that was occupying my mind; figured I might as well send out a few smiles during this grim time, if that helps anyone.

There definitely is so much going on right now that I want to use my comics to talk about; however the bulk of this season's stories are pre-Covid19. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of throwbacks; I might even bring in my Mini-series 'Lockdown Love' every once in a while if I feel the need to do so.

All Being Mrs. Ninja comics are available for your viewing pleasure on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as well. Thank you for subscribing to the blog, though! I'm in the process of checking if it's feasible to share the comics on the WEBTOON platform as well, so... guess we'll see!

Welcome to Season 6!

Guess EVERYTHING is a Couple Activity now XD
Stay safe, everyone!

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