Friday, January 31, 2014

That's so funny.

I like to think I'm funny, in my own way. In college I secretly took pride in making my friends laugh from one-liners I dished out for comic relief in daily situations. But then again, we were a group of people who got pleasure out of discussing topics ranging from crap and nonsense to nothing.

When I met my husband, it was like my audience had changed. What, no one talks about nothing here? The topics had shifted to work, politics, current affairs and more work, leaving me feeling like I had to prepare for a GK quiz (or join his workplace) if I had any hopes of joining the conversation.

But does this mean it's tough to make him laugh? Challenge, accepted.


  1. hahahaha good one..i like to say that i was a part of ur previous audience :P
    but can understand his plight too

  2. Ha ha ha. All I can say is "saww phunny"!

    By the way, I have always wondered why Ninja has no eye balls. Gives him a vacant daft-like expression. Which I like, just so you know :P

  3. Haha.. I found that funny :D Reading all your posts, I am looking forward to meeting you and Ninja together :)