Friday, January 24, 2014

The Lazy Boy

I very nearly considered maintaining a separate comic strip (The Thronicles of Ninja) involving the conversations I had with my husband while he was chilling on his Lazy Boy (his lounge chair he so affectionately calls his "throne") owing to the high occurrences of this scenario. But I later decided to let it be like a "series within a series"; after all, being an entertaining read is the more important thing, right?

When it comes to food, my husband and I are poles apart. I love food, enjoy food and I'm always excited to try new food. As for my husband, well, it's more like a chore. Some ideas for comics like the one below came about in the early months of our marriage when I was still discovering this little factoid.

Fun fact: My husband treats food, the way I treat sleep.


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  2. Tina Tina Tina! I empathise with you. It must be not easy to be a foodie and live with people who eat only to survive. Sigh! I live with such samples.

  3. Tinaaa, it's not exactly the opposite in my case, but Aman is more foodier than me. I think it's easier this way as you can just make all your favourite dishes and he's going to eat it all anyway ;)