Thursday, March 6, 2014

Food..Yes or No?

So from my past experience of leaving food decisions to Mr. Ninja (as seen in "The Lazy Boy") I can safely say I learnt my lesson. But then I decided I could find some way around this and get him to be more interested in placing orders on takeaway nights.

My first attempt was to simplify- cut down the options to the most desirable and throw them at him.
Result: pretty much the same as "I just want food. "

My second attempt was to pick the restaurant and ask him what he'd like from a menu.
Result: He'd end up picking the first chicken item on the list. Which was okay except he kept ordering the same thing. Every. Time.

Finally I just thought 'screw it' and picked whatever I thought worked and left him with a simple choice of 'yes' or 'no'.

The result was amusing. Guess I hadn't learnt my lesson yet.


  1. The food interactivity graph rises !

  2. Haha! :D I guess it's going to take you a while to be familiar with all kinds of responses you can get from him when it comes to FOOD!