Thursday, May 29, 2014

Romance? What's that?

So Mr. Ninja and I aren't exactly the most romantic people in the world (as one would have gotten the impression from Being Mrs. Ninja #13 'Annoying Aunty'). We rationalise - who needs romance when you have love, trust and commitment right?


What do we know?
From what I have experienced, romance (or a certain idea of it) creeps into a partnership whether one plans it or not. It could be in the form of surprising your partner by waiting for them at their bus stop during the 'honeymoon phase' or in unwittingly buying/doing/making something thoughtful for the other person after marriage. Or maybe I just got lucky here.

What have we learnt?
Being oblivious can be a mood killer, as illustrated below.

Special Thanks to a Steve Jobs poster I came across.


  1. Can you share the Steve Jobs poster? Curious.