Thursday, August 28, 2014

Party Time

I enjoy house parties and the like (especially if there is great food) but I can't say I'm crazy about them. Or maybe I'm just feeling that way because most of my post-marriage parties have been the kind that involve meeting new people (namely Mr. Ninja's circle of friends) rather than my pre-marriage college peeps.

Before I actually got to know a lot of those friends, in the initial stages all of them were just a range of new faces to me. And I'm one of those people who's great with faces but crappy at names; which brought about, as you can imagine, many an awkward situation where I enthusiastically greeted a person and then realized I didn't know what the heck to call that person.

I used to label these parties as "office parties" because Mr. Ninja knew most of these people from his workplace. Being in a situation where I hardly knew anybody, I'd check out the people around me and made an observation that his colleagues have a certain way about them. So much so that I started to pass the time by making a mental game out of guessing who worked at Mr. Ninja's workplace and who didn't! I don't do that anymore though..

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