Thursday, August 7, 2014

That Aww Moment

My posts every week are primarily focused on conversations - funny, misunderstood, one-sided, I think I've covered a lot of it - mostly things that make readers go 'ha!', 'lol', 'no way', 'yeah right' or even 'aww' that one time (Being Mrs. Ninja #15).

Speaking of "awww" I looked up its definition on Urban Dictionary today (yeah, I can be a Word Nerd sometimes) and came to the conclusion that they have various types:

Happy - "Aww, those are such cute puppies!"

Sad - "Aww man, the tickets are sold out."

Tired - "Aww...just give me five more minutes to sleep!"

Grateful - "Aww thanks, you look pretty nice yourself."

Pity - "Aww you poor thing.."

I could go on.. but not without mentioning the one type that I found the funniest:

Friend Zone - "Aww, that's sweet but I think we should just be friends."

So to continue with this theme, I present this week's post - I thought I should give "Sad Aww" a shot seeing as I've already covered "Happy Aww".