Friday, November 21, 2014

If Mr. Ninja heard a Who

I may have mentioned about how my thoughts tend to go on different tangents very easily - turns out I'm not alone. This is a week where I illustrate something that is a product of the imagination while on one of those tangents with another person.

So this came up one time when Mr. Ninja's old flat mate and I were having a conversation about Ninjumani's (he oh-so-lovingly calls him that) unique style of dancing and enjoying himself without a care in the world (which is how people should dance anyway, but I digress).

And then he pointed out that Ninjumani sounds like the name of a very happy elephant, to which I instantly agreed.

And then he mentioned that he'd watched a show one time where mahouts were (proudly) introducing their elephants to the camera.

Following was the visual that came up, obviously.

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