Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bada Banao

Although I have a funny feeling I may have to use the above title more than once (based on the number of stories revolving around this phrase) I figured it might fit today's topic too.

For a while I sat amused at how Mr. Ninja ordered his drinks whenever we were out - it was never a single drink, always one plus one more. At the time I thought he did it out of habit as the bar that he frequented after work always had happy hours with a one plus one offer on any drink.

Then one day I asked him why he continued to do this and he calmly explained it to me - something about the time saved in calling the waiter an extra time and getting your next drink without having to wait. And I thought to myself, wow, everyone must do this.

His method did go a little haywire in the beginning when I wasn't aware of this particular habit of his (oh how sweet, you got me a drink, too?) but he worked around it (get me 2 one plus one's). This week's comic strip is straight out of that phase.