Thursday, June 12, 2014

So enthu

I'm sure every other person in a relationship has been through the whole "hmm" fiasco - how a monosyllabic response to something that was so-enthusiastic-how-can-one-possibly-not-respond-the-same-way leads to a spat between the two people involved.

That's what this week's strip is about - clean and simple, and an illustration of just that between Mr. Ninja and myself.

Also, he isn't around this Thursday so I thought I'd use that as a (lame) excuse to experiment on my drawing presentation. Nothing drastic, just fooling around with some software instead of my usual scan-and-clean.


  1. I like the software look. Clean and crisp (mmm ... kfc) but without looking artifical (I checked the typeface to make sure they weren't fonts - they still you! yay!)

    1. Right? :D That's what I was going of my main worries was losing the personal touch by using a font for the text..instead I just stuck to my writing..typing is for lazy ppl :P
      But yeah I hope to keep it clean and crisp (oh man now I want KFC) from now on. Feedback much appreciated! :D