Friday, January 31, 2014

That's so funny.

I like to think I'm funny, in my own way. In college I secretly took pride in making my friends laugh from one-liners I dished out for comic relief in daily situations. But then again, we were a group of people who got pleasure out of discussing topics ranging from crap and nonsense to nothing.

When I met my husband, it was like my audience had changed. What, no one talks about nothing here? The topics had shifted to work, politics, current affairs and more work, leaving me feeling like I had to prepare for a GK quiz (or join his workplace) if I had any hopes of joining the conversation.

But does this mean it's tough to make him laugh? Challenge, accepted.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Lazy Boy

I very nearly considered maintaining a separate comic strip (The Thronicles of Ninja) involving the conversations I had with my husband while he was chilling on his Lazy Boy (his lounge chair he so affectionately calls his "throne") owing to the high occurrences of this scenario. But I later decided to let it be like a "series within a series"; after all, being an entertaining read is the more important thing, right?

When it comes to food, my husband and I are poles apart. I love food, enjoy food and I'm always excited to try new food. As for my husband, well, it's more like a chore. Some ideas for comics like the one below came about in the early months of our marriage when I was still discovering this little factoid.

Fun fact: My husband treats food, the way I treat sleep.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Curtain call

I'm not much of a long term planner as such but I guess I'd subconsciously maintained a visual in my head of how my home (read: where I sleep) would look like. I love colors so there would be bursts of split complementary color schemes in every other corner of the room set on a monochromatic base.

So when I moved in with my husband and the interiors began to change little by little, I wonder if I may have just sprung it on him.

Sometimes I think it's entertaining when an artistic point of view clashes with a contrasting point of view.

Friday, January 10, 2014

What is this?

Let's face it...only those who personally know me and/or my husband will get the title. So I want to get this out of the way before advancing any further - if you are reading this because you think this is the adventurous real life story of a woman who has to bear the day-to-day challenges of being married to an actual ninja, you can stop reading right here and move on to stumble upon other things.

However, I wouldn't say that the above definition is completely wrong - except for the actual ninja part. It actually makes a lot of sense because I set up this blog as a fun means of documenting little snippets from conversations with my husband, a lot of which I thought would be amusing enough to turn into amateurish comic strips.

What started off as a hobby inspired way to express my passive aggressive annoyance at something my husband said or did turned out to be amazingly fun! So after little over a year of such minor annoyances, funny and special moments, I thought I should share this with the rest of the I present to you:
Being Mrs. NinjaJust to get you started, the one on the extreme left is my husband, talking to his friend. And the one on the right with the untamable mane is none other than yours truly.  Pardon the comic strip quality -it's hand done and a fun activity I do in my free time so don't expect Calvin and Hobbes!

I was thinking I should probably have a disclaimer of sorts so here goes: this strip isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings and I love my husband very much thank you. Without you Ninja, I wouldn't have anything to draw or write about in the first place! 

Happy reading!

P.S. This blog is a work in progress so please bear with any bloopers. I'll be back with more next Thursday!