Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bada Banao

Although I have a funny feeling I may have to use the above title more than once (based on the number of stories revolving around this phrase) I figured it might fit today's topic too.

For a while I sat amused at how Mr. Ninja ordered his drinks whenever we were out - it was never a single drink, always one plus one more. At the time I thought he did it out of habit as the bar that he frequented after work always had happy hours with a one plus one offer on any drink.

Then one day I asked him why he continued to do this and he calmly explained it to me - something about the time saved in calling the waiter an extra time and getting your next drink without having to wait. And I thought to myself, wow, everyone must do this.

His method did go a little haywire in the beginning when I wasn't aware of this particular habit of his (oh how sweet, you got me a drink, too?) but he worked around it (get me 2 one plus one's). This week's comic strip is straight out of that phase.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some nights

So Mr. Ninja and I occasionally have those nights when either one or both of us are too tired or sleepy know, formalities like saying 'Good night' or even acknowledging that there is another person who has to share the same bed, courtesy any of the sprawled out sleeping positions below:

And we all have our sleeping positions - the foetus, the starfish and my personal favourite which, though nameless, I'm pretty sure can be compared to one of the steps in the Surya Namaskaar.

Before I ramble off topic, this week is about one of those very nights and my (futile) attempt to score some...err, brownie points despite the fact that both (or one) of us just want to shut down for the day.

Okay, maybe not both of us.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

So enthu

I'm sure every other person in a relationship has been through the whole "hmm" fiasco - how a monosyllabic response to something that was so-enthusiastic-how-can-one-possibly-not-respond-the-same-way leads to a spat between the two people involved.

That's what this week's strip is about - clean and simple, and an illustration of just that between Mr. Ninja and myself.

Also, he isn't around this Thursday so I thought I'd use that as a (lame) excuse to experiment on my drawing presentation. Nothing drastic, just fooling around with some software instead of my usual scan-and-clean.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

To Be Frank (and nothing else)

I just gave it a moment's thought and realized this (the title) is a statement I have never heard from Mr. Ninja... and probably never will. And that's because, to be frank (sorry, couldn't help myself), there is no other setting in his system but to tell it like it is - one of his best qualities that I've earlier mentioned I have a love-hate relation with (Being Mrs. Ninja #18).

One of the surprising drawbacks of this is that one tends to appear superficial, without taking a second to look into the deeper meaning of things - not exactly the kind of outlook you need to appreciate art.

With that I'd like to bring forth a clipping from our honeymoon - no, not that clipping - when we stopped at a castle on our way to Cork City from Dublin.