Sunday, December 21, 2014

How deep is your Love

Last week I woke up one morning to a special delivery at my door from Mr. Ninja's office - a bouquet and a box of chocolates giving our anniversary wishes in advance. For a sleepy-eyed moment, I thought, what anniversary?

With the anniversary coming up, I thought this week I'd highlight how Mr. Ninja has unique ways of expressing his affection - particularly this instant from Valentine's Day last year.

P.S. For the purpose of understanding this comic, I think it is imperative that the reader knows I love creatures of all kinds, especially reptiles (note the understanding look rather than shock on the BFF's face).

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Weddings. Ugh.

People who know me may know this about me - I do not like weddings.. although this fact was probably reinforced by the fact that I got married earlier than my other friends.  But now since I have to attend other people's weddings I don't mind it as much. It's actually a breeze after I've picked out what I'm wearing for the occasion.. now I'm actually looking forward to attending different kinds of weddings with their different traditions and rituals!

So I concluded that it's more fun at another person's wedding than your own wedding (I don't know if this holds true for others but it did for me).
Oh, how I despised having to dress up.
Sheesh.. how I disliked having all that attention on me.
Argh, the posing for photographs!
(I could go on and on, but clearly I don't have the luxury of time for that - it's a Sunday!)

On the bright side, a good video came of it.

Point being, there was definitely more than just a good video that came out of all that.

Friday, December 5, 2014


One thing about Mr. Ninja is..when he is passionately singing his favourite song, he will complete the verse..even when the moment has long passed.

I swear, sometimes I think I can decipher his happiness scale based on the gap. Not brought it down to a science yet, though.