Thursday, December 22, 2016

Season 2!

Yes, you read right. I'm finally bringing Being Mrs. Ninja back to your screens early next year. I was going to follow it up with a 'Bigger, bolder, better' but later decided against it for reasons better left undisclosed. LOL.

I for one am really excited to get back into my weekly routine of bringing something fun for everyone to read and enjoy. The truth is, I really missed it! I honestly enjoy doing this (I've always told people that if I wasn't doing what I was doing now, I would be a full-time cartoonist) and I'm finally sorting things out to make some time.

You're probably thinking it's been over a year - did it really take that long to sort things out? Well yeah, sometimes life comes in the way. Meanwhile I've been working on my software and design skills & techniques, some of which I'll applying this new season - hope you all like it! I'm also hoping this will help me stick to my weekly routine without too much stress.

I just want to thank some special people (you know who you are) for persistently telling me I should get back to it, that they really enjoy it (this means a lot to me), that they would look forward to Thursdays, that they are big fans (wow!) and other encouraging words. Thank you. Season 2 is dedicated to all of you.

Cheers! We shall meet next year! Happy 2017 everyone :)