Thursday, February 27, 2014

First impressions

As you all probably know from the famous wedding video ( Ninja and I first interacted online before eventually deciding to meet face to face. Being the internet, we stuck to exchanging basic information and one thing led to another (both of us are sticklers for live conversation- either that or texting, not even Skype). So all we had to each other's credit was a vague face ( an accumulation of all pictures seen so far) and words on a computer screen. More so because I had stressed that I shall NEVER have a shaadi-dot-com-esque account online. Some personal blech against advertising for myself (no offense to those who do use these services, it's probably just me).

So when we actually met in person, it was quite pleasant. And one of the first things we discussed was quite memorable.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Denial

So I thought I'd record some of my premarital moments where I kept telling things to myself in order to stop myself from losing my mind over this whole marriage business. After all, this comic strip is about Being Mrs Ninja..not Bashing Mr. Ninja.

What I told myself didn't have to be true, as long as it was comforting. And for someone who is least interested/ excited about big weddings (much less their own), even stepping out to pick an engagement outfit could lead to frustrated hair-pulling. Luckily, I had reliable people around to vent and lean on.

One of the first issues I faced after announcing that I was getting married was people asking me, "love or arranged??" They seemed to do this with so much enthusiasm, I couldn't bear to disappoint them by giving them a straight answer.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

First/Last trip Home

Taking my husband to my home in the Gulf (yes, I consider it my home since I spent most of my childhood in that house) was a pretty interesting experience for me as I'd never been able to exhibit that part of my world to any of my friends in India.

Seeing things from his perspective gave me a unique view on things, making even the simplest things that I took for granted seem new and different all of a sudden. His questions made me question things that weren't  earlier considered worth questioning.

I think I pretty much covered every aspect of my life there with him..except maybe the food part - where I lived to eat the food there while in his case, please refer to Being Mrs Ninja # 3.

But over all, an interesting trip.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I, Robot

From as far as I can remember, I've always been the rational person in the group, sometimes to the point (as I'm occasionally reminded) of appearing 'cold'. I didn't see the point of 'wasting time' on emotions when we could rationally come to a clear decision. If I made a phone call, I would skip the small talk, get to the point and hang up without as much as a 'see ya later'. If someone in the hostel was afraid of ghosts, they would ask me to sleep last. If some one needed a tough love talk, I was the one to turn to.

Although a lot had changed over the years, I still thought I beat the others (at least people I'd come across so far) when it came to this aspect of my personality.

And then I met Ninja.