Thursday, March 27, 2014

Annoying Aunty

I thought I would need a recurring character through whom I could portray all the annoying know-it-all things or "advice" that I had to listen to in the time period surrounding the wedding. Because frankly, some of them were outrageously funny (to me anyway)! Thus, Annoying Aunty came to be.

And no, she isn't based on any particular person I know - she's more like an icon. When taking notes for comics I came across many situations where someone said something irritating (smug, even) just because I was getting married. And that's the reason why I had to introduce this character - people had to see how it was funny to me!

As for the so called Honeymoon phase that Annoying Aunty accuses Ninja and me of being in (in the strip below), she should know that we being us, pretty much left the that phase at our actual honeymoon and moved on with our life.

Disclaimer: No actual people or aunties have any reason to feel bad reading this..these comics are meant to be enjoyed not scrutinised and mean no offense to anyone. So chill and enjoy!

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