Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I find it quite amusing how we seem to be making our words and phrases shorter to enable faster communication these days. Conveying a clear message despite having swallowed half of it is actually a talent (more prominent among teens I've noticed).

But I've always had a habit of using and even creating short forms for long words and names, which is why I'm usually confident (maybe even ignorantly so) that I get along with people of all ages below mine, particularly those in the teenage years that recognize this 'talent'.

Maybe it's because I've had the chance to hang out with teens who are always asking me "OMG I thought you're, like, 16!" when for all I know they are thinking to themselves "why is she hanging out with us?" Lol. (Isn't there a 'lol' at the end of everything these days?)

Although I have to say it's not easy to maintain the 'forever16' street cred when you have to announce to those friends that you've gotten married. But I figured something out. Kinda.

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