Thursday, April 17, 2014


So I came across this comic strip while I was generally browsing and though its subject was bordering on blasphemy, I have to admit it brought a small (if not slightly guilty) smile on my face. Moreover, from a cartoonist's point of view (yes, I'm going to give myself that credit) I liked the clear cut presentation and basic colour scheme (something I've yet to venture into with my comics) that was used here.

But no, that is not what we're talking about today.

I come across a lot of jokes these days in various forms ranging from  memes to comics. What is actually interesting here is that Mr. Ninja and I never respond the same way when it comes to funny stuff online. He likes the kind that are literal and straight-forward in contrast to my love for puns, wordplay and hypothetical situation comedy.

Which is why it's entertaining when I share something that caught my eye with him. The comic strip below which is his response to the one above, exemplifies just this.

P.S. Hello from Prague!

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