Thursday, April 10, 2014

Whole Lotta Love

In one of my earlier strips ( Being Mrs. Ninja # 8), I had highlighted  the  fact that there were various slang terms that Mr. Ninja  used ( I have my own set of words too, actually) that didn't make sense to me on the first go. Sure, I'm pretty used to it now but when I first came across them I was both fascinated and curious. And occasionally too proud to ask what it meant (Am I supposed to know this word already?).

And then there was another response which when I later thought about it, was actually kinda romantic.
Guess sometimes a happy high focuses on what's really important.

P.S. So I'm writing in from Pardubice, Czech Republic today and almost considered taking a holiday break from Being Mrs. Ninja for 2 Thursdays. And then I thought, nah..I love doing this too much.

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