Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Are We There Yet?

Firstly, I apologize for missing last Thursday - there hasn't been a free weekend over the last month and not being able to sketch up any new comic strips turned out as collateral damage from being busy. Busy having fun that is.

On the bright side, I promised that I'd make up for it by having two entries this week and I'm sticking to that promise!

Let's get to it then. Today we deal with how Mr. Ninja learnt about what I think is one of the less desirable aspects to my personality - my sense of directions. Because I'm terrible at it. The only way I would confidently be able to get anywhere is if I have walked that way before - and there's only so much walking one can do.

Actually, I'm pretty sure Mr. Ninja knew how bad I am at it..I think he just underestimated how bad. And I avoid using my phone for directions when someone already knows how to get somewhere because of all the 'magical' new alternative routes that are suggested - like I needed any more confusion on that front.

1 comment:

  1. That first panel reminds me of xkcd. If you haven't been exposed to xkcd previously, its a pretty nerdy webcomic, sometimes esoteric but don't be intimidated by that. Check it out!

    Some other fav webcomics of mine:

    * Minage a 3 - as the words would suggest, quite explicit and definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK but its from Montreal, Quebec (woo Canada!)

    * PhD Comics (meant for sciencey phd students, but I am sure any one can relate!)

    * Lar DeSouza (Indian Canadian!!) is my favourite comic artist, his works: Least I Could Do, Looking for Group.

    And if you are interested, on Sundays he does a live stream of digital art that he does, you can follow him on twitter @lartist

    There are actually many many moree.. I kinda had to take a step back, because all I would do was read web comics all day and never get any work done.