Thursday, July 24, 2014


Of course we fight, everybody does. Life as a couple would be unnatural if not boring without the boat facing rough waters now and then - because then fighting through that and coming out in to calm waters feels even more relaxing with the sun shining seemingly more brighter and the breeze now gentle (not sure if I've pushed the metaphor too far?).

Mr. Ninja and I occasionally have the strangest misunderstandings that seem to come out of nowhere - one minute all's perfectly fine and the next minute it isn't. And still later it's all fine again (that's what matters in the end anyway).

Today's comic strip shows how I can be wonky during these times - a lot of the times I want more words out of Mr. Ninja, but going by this, I sometimes don't.

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  1. He was really just looking out for you by not revealing sensitive information to the NSA.